Yoga Workshop for Runners

August 18th 9:30am - 11am


Whether you love to trot around the block with your dog, or you’re training for a marathon, or anything in between, this Yoga for Runner’s Workshop is just what your body and your mind needs to stay healthy and happy! This session will start with an optional 30 minute warm up group run, followed by an hour long yoga session that will help release tension in typical runner problem areas, such as the hamstrings, hips, lower back, and shoulders.


We will also focus on tips to remain present in the mind, along with proper breathing techniques (also known as pranayama) that will help not only facilitate deeper integration of the yoga poses, but will also help take your running or training to the next level. A helpful PDF reference guide will also be available to all those who sign up. This guide will not only include the poses and pranayama techniques covered in the workshop, but it will also highlight how food can help fuel the body, and how it can help it recover. While this workshop is geared towards runner “problem areas”, it is helpful for all athletes!


Optional Group run: 

9:30am 10am (optional if you would like a tribe run prior to the workshop)


Yoga Workshop:

10am - 11am. Shelby will lead a yoga flow that emphasizes the main problem areas for runners  (shoulders, hips, and hamstrings). We also will work on core/back strengthening, and stabilization in the ankles.