Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates Workshop - The Kula Project




Date: Saturday, August 11th 

Time: 8:00am - 9:00am


Pre-Register: $30

Day of: $40


If you have ever wondered the following: Is it safe to engage in abdominal exercises during pregnancy? What is diastasis recti and how can I prevent it from happening to me? How do I get core strength back after having a baby? These questions will be answered and more! Take away a better understanding of what’s happening to your pregnant body and how condition the abdominals for childbirth and improve postpartum recovery.


Learn safe and effective exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles pre and post pregnancy in this one hour workshop hosted by The Kula Project with certified Pilates instructor and mother of two, Katie Martin.  


This workshop will guide expectant mothers and mothers who have given birth (postpartum) in a Pilates workout geared toward the changes a woman experiences in her body pre and post pregnancy. Participants will learn exercise modifications to safely and effectively train the abdominals. 


Mats and props to assist in exercises for this workshop will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle with you to hydrate.