P A I G E   L U E T H Y


OH HEY GIRL HEY! Paige rocks the kasbah, read more about why we love our DPI girl below: 


How did you end up in the Mystic area?

My family was brought to Mystic when my father took a job position in the area. We had previously lived in Maryland, Nebraska, and Missouri; Connecticut seemed like a far-away-place to my seven-year-old self! I grew up here, in Mystic, graduating from Fitch High School, and returning to the area after attending school in Boston. My immediate family lives in town, with the exception of my brother, Quinn, who is attending college in Maryland. I am the oldest of five siblings and the mother of a six-year-old boy, Teddy. I am very close with my family, living five minutes down the street from (most of!) my family members means a lot to me.


Favorite thing about living here?

My favorite thing about living here is getting to experience all four seasons in their beauty! The buds, the foliage, the snow....I especially love the short, yet rewarding New England summer. Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island shorelines are picturesque and have so much to offer residents in the summertime. Yes, it does get dicey in the winter, but I know I wouldn't cherish our 85 degree days nearly as much without the contrast. The Beach is my ultimate happy place.


Most rewarding thing about your job?

For the past eight years I have worked as a bartender in Mystic. I have spent the past five years working next door, at DPI, which is how I discovered The Kula Project! The most rewarding part of my job comes from the time I get to spend with customers. I get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life; from locals whom I have formed friendships with, to travelers just passing through. No two people are the same and their stories are so interesting!!


When did you take your first yoga class?

My first yoga class was when I was in high school, at the local YMCA.


Number one thing you have learned about yourself through yoga?

I had always been more of a gym-chick prior to my experience here, at The Kula Project. I was always committed to my cardio and weights, sporadically taking a group class.  I have found a flow that I really enjoy. Through the practice of yoga, I am learning the potential my body possesses, and damn, is that powerful! I am excited to continue to learn and grow within my practice.


What makes you most excited about the Mystic community?

I love the direction that Mystic is headed in, it has grown so much in recent years, and it is not slowing down. The local business owners and townspeople care so much about our beautiful, unique community! It still holds onto the small-town charm but is evolving to a culinary and cultural hub as well.


Any major initiatives or events you want to share and get the Kula community behind?

I enjoy the events put on by the Mystic Museum of Art, particularly Art After Dark. I'm a sucker for anything with live music, snacks, and libations. I participate in their Holiday Craft Show every winter and its important to me to support the local arts.


Any causes you are involved in or want some extra support in bringing attention to?

I spent time in Costa Rica volunteering on a sea turtle nesting reservation. I was fortunate enough to get up close and personal with these gentle creatures, watching mothers lay their eggs and watching nests hatch. The experience reinforced my belief that these beauties need our help in ensuring that their population is not depleted!! There are several foundations that work with conservation in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, a national park and biodiverse ecosystem. The Corcovado Foundation and Osa Conservation are two non-profit organizations that organize volunteer work and collect data to further conservation of sea turtles.


Thanks Paige for making Mystic an even better place. We love cheering you on at The Kula Project and appreciate all you do. When you see Paige please give her a High Five and see when you can next join her at Art After Dark!