Melissa Pelham  

“Find your joy and let it run your life”

~ Cleo Wade



What’s your spirit animal?

Hummingbird: lightness of being; enjoyment of life; being present


Music you are digging right now:

 ALWAYS digging any reggae from the extended Marley Family - also, I’m revisiting the ‘70’s: Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Joan Armatrading, Cat Stevens, Dylan


Favorite yoga pose or workout and why: 

Hip openers! I love challenging myself and my students to dive deeply into the potential physical and emotional release that hip openers can bring us


Guilty Pleasure? 

No guilt in pleasure!! I love me some sweet potato fries with truffle oil though….


Best advice for new students?

Be willing to drop out of the rigidity of your head, and drop into your body: listen, and it will honestly tell you what you can do! And: make friends with your breath :)


What to expect from Melissa's Class

  • Mahalo: A warm, welcoming space for any level of student
  • Expect the unexpected: A fun “blended” style that might mix in yin one day, a chakra-based flow another
  • Core: hip openers and, yes: core work!

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