Um help, it's my first yoga class.

First off. WAY TO GO!

Seriously, the entire Kula community is going you a standing ovation for getting to this page and saying “way to go!” you are on your way to your first yoga class.

Second, we feel super honored you are thinking of taking your first class with us. We know how daunting it can be (all of us walked through studio doors for the first time at one point in our lives) so we want this experience to be as positive and who knows, potentially life changing, as it can be.

Ok a few basic things.

Anything I should do prior: You don’t have to do this but you may feel more comfortable having at least heard the name of a few poses. Downward facing dog is really the key one, the rest you will figure out. This short video will help your first class go much more smoothly. Oh and drink water! Coming into class hydrated and not on an empty stomach will help as well.

What do I wear: Anything that is comfortable and allows you to move your body. Also you will be sweating so ideally not anything too heavy.

What do I do when I walk in: Let the nice folks at the front desk know it is your first class and they will give you a tour of the studio so you know where everything is. We also have free mat and towel rentals so they will give you the hookup. Then head up stairs, leave your shoes outside the studio and find yourself somewhere that is calling to you. All beginners seem to love to hang out in the back which is just fine, but the teacher will be able to get to you a little easier if you go in the middle (your call!). Also give the teacher the heads up that it is your first class and they will be so stoked to meet you and also give you a few extra adjustments and encouragement as you go.

So how do I do this? Most importantly, listen to your body. It will tell you “I can try that” or “back off buddy” and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. As we often say, “if you are breathing, you are doing yoga” so just follow along as best you can, or come to a seat at your mat and breathe deeply or child’s pose is always available to you.

That is the gist. However, if you want to read a little more, a few articles that we think do a good job summing up what to expect below. Otherwise we are so proud of you, and look forward to welcoming you into the studio soon! You got this!