Kula Readings - Now going on the Mahalo blog

Hey Kulas,

Some of our teachers read specific poems that they tailor to their class. We normally get asked by at least one student to share the poem. So going forward, specific poems will be shared here!

For our One Year, One Love class on May 26th, Julie led a class focused on where you have been, where you are going and how to appreciate the present moment.

Her poem reading during Savasana below by Morgan Harper Nichols


You have given so much to this, and I just hope you know that even here, your work is not in vain. It might take a little longer to arrive where you want to be, but you are still free to take this day by day. Even when the world seems to be moving on without you. Even when you are weary of waiting. Even when you are having to watch others reach the same exact heights you were reaching for, you are not a failure. You are not behind. You will still arrive where you need to be in time. Your story is just going to look a little different. Yes, it is going to look a little different. You are going to look back on this season and realize, there is no way you could have predicted these outcomes.

But you will rise, anyway. You will find a strength you did not know you had. You will find that even when things did not go according to plan, it did not hinder you from traveling the course. All along, you were being prepared for something so much greater than you. And no matter the additional time it took, it was not too late for you.

So knowing this, I hope you can feel free to make the most of where you are. I hope you can travel light with an open heart, and embrace the grit and the gold of it all. So much has fallen apart, but new things will fall in place. So much has left you feeling boxed in, but you are still worthy of finding your space: to rise and rise, and embrace beautiful change. For it is out here on the road, you will experience the highs and lows, and in the wild of it all, you will find: you are only growing stronger

So hold on a little longer

Even here, you are getting stronger

Even here, your progress matters

and you are moving right along