Celebrating Mahadevi

We found this post from one of our favorite yoga teachers out in San Francisco Betsy Peterson , and it was too good not to share as we celebrate Navaratri. Posting below for you to reflect on!

It’s Navaratri - 9 days celebrating the divine feminine. We celebrate Mahadevi - the great Goddess - the divine feminine, the animating force of the universe, in all her forms... which correspond with forms of the life force - shakti - within ourselves.

The first 3 days are about Parvati/Durga, who represents Power, Love, and Spiritual Fulfillment. She is the goddess of courage and strength, and in her warrior form (Durga) she has a sword which she uses to slash through anything that doesn’t serve us on our pathes to uncovering and becoming our true selves.⚡️

Durga rides a lion, and she is all powerful, all beautiful, and slays our inner demons with precision and love. She makes the kind cut when called for, and shakes us to our core when necessary.

Parvati is the consort of Shiva, Lord of Transformation, and the God of Yoga. Today we honor the Goddess in her form as Bramacharini. Here is a version of the story:

When Parvati realized that she loved Shiva, the wild, ascetic, rebel God of yoga, she was discouraged on all sides from pursuing her beloved. He was, after all, too busy meditating and being the destroyer to be drawn into the world through love... so she did tapas - austerities - for 5,000 years - in order to get the boon of his love. When that didn’t work, she just moved to the woods herself, and began to live like he lived... as an ascetic in caves, doing austerities, meditating, chanting, and the like.

Through her actions she became so pure and beautiful and radiant, that even Shiva himself could no longer deny her... she won that bad boy over through the heat of her own internal work on herself. She represents the beauty of liberation, of attainment through practice and dedication... Shiva eventually realized their destiny as the divine couple - the union of divine masculine and feminine, and so he came out of his cave and they were married.

Bramacharini reminds us of the Power we can access through Restraint, Practice, and Committed Intention and Action.

Jai Ma!🔥

Julie Kikla