Lauren O'Donnell

Live in the present, Launch yourself on every wave, find eternity in each moment.



Music you are digging right now:

Grace VanderWaal/ Indie


Favorite yoga pose or workout and why:

Supported Fish Pose. Opens up your heart, separates your scapula and improves spinal flexibility and posture.


Best advice for new students?

Be mindful of your body and what it needs, everyday is different. You know your body best. Breathe & have fun!


Guilty pleasure?

Cheeze It. I love a chessey salty snack it’s addicting!!


Song that most wakes you up in the morning?

Anything with a good beat gets me goin’!


What to expect from Lauren's Class

  • Welcoming: Lauren brings a warm hearted and bright spirit to all her students.  
  • Encouragement - Lauren sequences poses in a unique way that will always have you leave class with a "that was fun! I have never done that pose before" feeling
  • Strength: Lauren teaches Power to the People and will show you just how strong you can be! 

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