Kristi Varisco

All doubt despair and fear become insignificant once the intention of life becomes love ~  Rumi



Most inspiring person in time:

Right now my faves are Tara Brach and Brenee Brown. These two women are endlessly exploring and teaching about vulnerability, awareness and self love.


Favorite yoga pose or workout and why:

Tree, I love the rootedness of this pose and letting myself be whatever kind of tree I am that day. Outside of the studio I love to be on my paddle board or hiking. Nature centers me


Best advice for new students?

Be mindful of your body and what it needs, everyday is different. You know your body best. Breathe & have fun!


Guilty pleasure?

I don’t feel guilty about anything I take pleasure in ;)


Song that most wakes you up in the morning?

Anything from Soundgarden or Nirvana


What to expect from Kristi's Class

  • Love, love and love. I encourage all to show up as they are an learn to be in awareness of what they need moment to moment.

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