C h e r y l   R o b d a u 




How did you end up in Mystic? 

After many years traveling on a sailboat my husband and I decided to come back to New England to be closer to family and we settled on Mystic.


Tell us about how you started your business? 

I started my business back in 1989 when Mystic was more of a sleepy seasonal town. I heard about a space that used to be an IceCream store from the late 1800 to 1940’s and it was going to be coming up for lease. I immediately wanted it as it was right on the bridge in the historic part of Mystic. We rented it and began renovations to create the store it is today.


Best piece of advice for new business owners? 

My best advice for new business owners is think of it as an adventure you put in the work and the adventure becomes more exciting.


Most rewarding thing about your job? 

The most rewarding thing about my business is the smiles I put on almost everyone’s face, who doesn’t like IceCream!


When did you take your first yoga class? 

I don’t remember the date of my first yoga class but it was only offered at the Mystic Community Center back then and it was very basic.


Number one thing you have learned about yourself through yoga? 

I have learned to listen to myself, respect myself, and care for myself through yoga as yoga is whatever you need it to be.


What makes you most excited about the Mystic community? 

I love how Mystic has evolved into more enlightened and cultural community.


Any major initiatives or events you want to share and get the Kula community behind? 

I am involved with the Downtown Mystic Merchants Association and we have brought in a lot of great community events that not only support the growth of Mystic but also raises money for local charities. Our next upcoming event is the Mystic River Day on July 8. Come down to the park for a fun day of activities on the river.


Thanks Cheryl for making Mystic brighter. We love seeing you at The Kula Project and appreciate all you do. When you see Cheryl please give her a High Five and see how you can help her with Mystic River Day!