Fresh Juice, Smoothies, Power Bowls and Seasonal Beverages 

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We called the Kula Project a "project" because we are all just that. One giant project. Sometimes referred to as a "hot mess" but we liked the sound of project better.  For us, this means a commitment to move the body every day (daily asana) and whenever possible, fueling it with what it needs so we can be healthier (and ideally happier too!). 


Our interest stemmed from our own passion of trying different plant based diets, juices, smoothie recipes and elixirs to find the ones that helped replenish the body after an intense heated flow (hello Ultimate Sweatfest!) or helped keep the mind calm after a Kula Surrender restorative class. Oh. And coffee. Always coffee.



We hope you enjoy our rotating menu, and as always,

any feedback or new recipes you want to share, give us a shout