Jeriann Russo

“ Song that most wakes you up in the morning? There Will Be Time" - Baaba Maal



Where did you grow up:

Baltic, CT


Favorite Quote:

”it’s weird not to be weird”


Favorite yoga pose or workout and why:

I can’t be very specific with just one favorite. I have many! I try to make the best of what I am feeling that day when I am working out. I love to run especially with beautiful surroundings like the woods or by the water. Taking in the salty air mixed with the smell of the warm tar and honeysuckles is by far my favorite but so is doing a hot yoga class to amazing music where I’m completely soaked in sweat


What to expect from Jeriann's Class

  • Energy: Jeriann's teaching is rooted in a energetic flow to open the physical body and deepen mental awareness.   
  • Soul: With an eye for good music, you will love losing yourself to the beats she incorporates into her practice. 
  • Support. Mental, physical, emotional, Jeriann's got you. 

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