Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop - The Kula Project

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Date: Saturday, June 30th

Time: 11am - 12:30pm


Pre-Register: $30

Day of: $40


One of the most exciting things about yoga can be advancing your yoga practice by getting upside down and learning how to balance your body in a whole new way! It is hard to do this on your own though and often regular classes will not have enough time to devote entirely to arm balances and inversions. Workshops are a great way to spend time learning the different inversions out there, and the necessary steps (and muscles!) needed to get upside down and even sideways!


Birthday candle, shoulder stand or headstand adds to the general well being of a person if practiced correctly and with breath awareness. With regular practice, yoga poses that place the body upside-down have shown benefits in the cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems.


Class Outline:


  • The class will start with a 15 min flow warm up and core strengthening exercises to get you ready for a controlled inversion. We will then spend the next hour breaking down different inversions and arm balances using props and walls to help you learn how to practice safely. There will be extra help in the room to support you and encourage you to do what’s right for you.
  • Will work through shoulder stand, supported headstand, handstand poses, fun arm balance transitions and end with legs up the wall (that’s an easy  one, we promise).


Come, learn something new and have some fun! No expectations, no competition, no judgement! Set the foundation for trying something new in a safe way. Both feet never have to leave the ground. 🙂


It is generally recommend that students of yoga have practiced regularly for least a year and/or have a strong awareness of body alignment. It is best to avoid this workshop if you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, a heart condition, recent surgery, back or neck injury.


About Lauren:


Lauren loves to play around with new expressions of poses and fun transitions that challenge her body to let go of fear and find stability and strength. One of Lauren's favorite things about yoga is that there is always room to grow. Lauren loves to break down poses and guide her students into a space they may have never thought there body would go. “I love to share that moment of lift off with my students, there’s nothing like seeing the look on their face when they nail a new pose”. Lauren will break down the foundational building blocks of arm balances and inversions. Go at your pace that’s right for you! Have fun, let go of fear and lift off!