Health and Wellness with Essential Oils: 101  

September 22nd 10am - 11:45am


Have you been wanting to learn more about essential oils? Do you already have oils in your home but you’re not sure how to use them? Are you interested in natural alternatives that support the well-being of you and your family? 


Join us for an intro to Essentials Oils 101 to get all the info you need to support your body naturally using some of the best essential oils on the planet from Young Living. This is a fast-paced class packed with simple and step-by-step instructions for using oils to make a healthier home and happier body. You'll laugh, learn, and go home smelling great!


In this workshop led by Annie Chapman we will start with an easy warm up yoga flow with essential oils and then move into which oils that will support your overall physical,  mental & emotional well-being. We will cover the following: 

  • Household products that could be wreaking havoc on your health 
  • How to safely use essential oils 
  • Oils that support your immune system, endocrine and digestive system
  • Which oils energize your exercise routine and compliment your yoga practice
  • Which oils may be the best for you and your day to day life!


  • $20 in advance 
  • $30 at the door