Brittany Brandt

“What’s for Dinner?”



Most inspiring person in time:

My mom has always amazed and humbled me in so many ways. She will always be one of the most inspirational presences in my life.


Music you are digging right now:

Elephant Revival - indie bluegrass is my jam lately...


Favorite yoga pose or workout and why: 

The “knee to nose/same side elbow/opposite side elbow” - it’s challenging yet every skill level can accomplish the series, plus you can take it one step further and fly (my favorite).


What’s your spirit animal?

Probably my cats; they seriously live a life of relaxation and luxury. In my next life, I hope to come back as one of my cats.


Best advice for new students?

Stick with it! Honestly, when I dipped my toes into the vast yoga pool, I wasn’t too keen. It wasn’t until I dove head first into the deep end, showing up on my mat a few times a week, did I really start to love the practice and the process. Drop your preconceived notions on what makes a yogi a yogi and just roll out you mat, breathe, and enjoy the ride.


What to expect from Brittany’s Class

  1. To feel challenged.

  2. To feel empowered.

  3. Lastly, and most importantly, you will feel happy you made the decision to get on your mat!


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