August 30 Day Yoga + Pilates Challenge 



Recently we listened to a great TED talk called "try something new for 30 days". It turns out, "30 days is just the right amount of time to add a new habit or subtract a habit from your life".

We have seen the power when you commit to 30 days of yoga and it can be incredible. Before life gets too crazy with school, holidays and more, take August to challenge yourself to do 30 days. Here is how it works: 

If you do 30 days or classes of yoga for the month of August you get:

  • One free unlimited month! Use whenever you want. 

  • Kickass Kula schwag bag (Kula bag, shirt, towel, sunscreen, lip balm, are just a few of the goodies)


OK So life happens and I can't do 30 days or 30 classes. What then?

For every 10 classes you complete during the month of August, you earn prizes!

  • First 10 classes: Kula tank + 1 free class

  • 20 classes: Kula Water bottle + 5 pack of classes


Can i do two a days?

  • Get. after. it. Yes! Just be safe and listen to your body.  


Take one class with every instructor at Kula during the month of August and you also are a winner: 

  • You win a Kula hoodie and a free class. Woo hoo. 


Sounds incredible. I'm in! Now what? 

  • Stop by the front desk for a high five and pick up a Kula yogi calendar to keep track of your attended classes. 
  • Download the MindBody app and start scheduling your classes! 
  • #telleveryone and get them to support you with #kula30days and so we can support you as well!