Anna Hanson



Where did you grow up:

Sudbury, MA

Music you are digging right now:

There's something about country music when spring is approaching and it's finally warm enough to roll your windows down and crank it up!

Favorite yoga pose or workout and why:

Pigeon Pose. I love how good it feels in your hips and seat! 

Best advice for new students?

My goal is to help you get deeper in your body while still feeling good. Come with an open mind, ready to sweat, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Guilty pleasure?

Eating cookie dough right out of the bowl :)

What to expect from Anna’s Class

  1. Dig deeper in your body while taking modifications that work for you

  2. Shake. Sweat. Breathe.

  3. Leave empowered and feeling better than when you came in!


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