Alignment Workshop

Sunday February 17th 11:30am - 1:30pm


Correct Your Alignment. Strengthen Your Practice. Ease Your Mind. 

Do you want to feel more confident in your yoga practice? Do you have questions on whether you’re doing a pose correctly or wonder why a certain pose is uncomfortable for you? Join Erin for this 2 hour workshop that will include pose demonstrations and assisted adjustments; from the most basic poses to some of the more challenging favorites.

Alignment is a foundation to the practice of yoga. Erin’s workshop will help you develop strength and ease in yoga classes with optimal body alignment and peace of mind that you will confidently know you are doing the poses properly. The difference of doing a yoga pose in optimal alignment, rather than simply putting yourself into what you think the general position of the pose is, can forever change your practice.  

This workshop will guide you into obtaining the most benefit from basic poses which are the foundation for all levels of yoga practice, and how these poses can be modified or translated into more gentle or advanced versions. You will also acquire strategies that will help prevent common yoga injuries.

Sign up in advance, receive a discount, and let the studio know what pose you would like to see in the alignment workshop!

Erin’s alignment workshop is for the beginner to advanced yogi and will be offered in our infrared-heated Sunset Studio.  The infrared heat (unlike forced air that only heats air around you), directly warms your tissues, muscles, and joints – giving you a safer environment to go deeper into poses while reducing tension and stress on your body.

There will be a small warm up in the beginning of class, but it encouraged that you take the 10am Revival prior. 


  • $35 in advance

  • $40 at the door